Youth and Mental Health

The pandemic has pushed everyone on the planet to turn towards the health factor of the society, including physical and mental health. The amount of mental health cases have significantly gone up after the talks of mental health became normal, and people came out openly to address their problems and ask for help. Studies across nations have proved that youngsters are the most affected lot. 

The rates of mental disturbance and increasing rates of such issues in youngsters is a result of misconception by the people, as teenage tantrums or part and parcel of the years of puberty. As mood swings are part of these years, people often neglect it believing this to be something obvious and natural. This makes the necessity of literacy of mental health, and proper awareness about the challenges young adults are subjected to regularly. 

There is a need to understand the fine difference between puberty and the degradation of mental health. Here are a few diseases that young men and women are prey of, in the years of growing up. It has been estimated that 1 in 5 adolescents suffer from a curable mental health disorder. 


It has been estimated by the National Institute of Mental Health Disorders, that around 3.7 percent of children between the ages range of 8 to 15 suffer from depression in the United States. If not severe depression, many people are on the edge of it, and present depressive symptoms regularly. 

Symptoms: Lack of appetite, sleeplessness, recurring suicidal thoughts, constant mood swings. 


One of the most common mental health problems in young people is anxiety. Although not severe as depression, anxiety is seen as the first sign of further getting into depression. Anxiety includes phobias, panic attacks, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and social anxiety. OCD in youngsters can also be a constantly recurring thought and the same images or impulses coming again and again. 

Symptoms: Fear of losing, sleeplessness, constant mood swings, withdrawn, uneasy, always tired and so on. 

Eating Disorders 

Eating disorders can lead to serious physical problems and affects around 5 percent of the young population. The disorders are not just an obsession with dieting and a good physique but extreme fear and trauma that comes with consuming or not consuming food. Constant fear, apprehensions, and self-doubts make it harder for people with such disorders. 

The above-mentioned are a few of the mental health issues that prevail in many young adults at present. Adding to that, at present times, nobody could be regarded as fit in terms of mental well-being. It is a reflection of our actions in life due to the constant pressure one is subjected to. But, mental health should be taken care of and be trained so that we stay fit similar to physical fitness. 

  • Workout regularly. Doing physical workouts and investing time intoning one’s body helps in clearing the mind of toxic and unwanted thoughts, making the body and mind feel fresh. Also, incorporating yoga and meditation as an active part of the regime helps in progressing towards good mental health. 
  • Spending some quality time. It is necessary to take out time from busy lives to spend on things that we love doing and with people we love. Detaching from everyday schedules and giving a break to our brains is important as well.  
  • Keeping low expectations, and giving our best in whatever we do at the same time doing what makes us content and satisfied. 
  • Always, read, write, and learn to communicate. It is not necessarily a stage in which you need to speak out, but have a support system and a mechanism that we might use to let our emotions flow and also correct us when we might lose track. 

Mental health is no way a taboo, or a normal sickness. But, we can always work towards the betterment of our mind just like we do with our physical health. Also, never budge to take professional help when it is needed. With the future depending on the young souls, we are responsible of taking care of their mental health, and the beginning is to start by oneself!

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