Why is Keyword Research important for SEO?

Why is Keyword Research important for SEO?


Mastering google searches is the best thing you can ever learn for SEO. SEO can be your worst nightmare if you do not understand how Google searches work. Google search may seem easy, but it is not. There are tons of ways you can search for detailed information.


For instance, you are looking for AHREF SEO tools. You can search “Ahrefs review,” “Why should I use Ahrefs tool?”, “Ahrefs and Semrush which one is better,” “compare AHREFS and SEMRUSH,” and many searches.


What is keyword research? 


Keyword research is to know the exact keyword that your audience is searching for on google. There are different types of keywords that people search: short tail keywords, long-tail keywords, exact match keywords, and partial match keywords.


Short tail keywords are direct and to the point keywords.

They make up 20% out of all millions of searches.

They have high competition for a new website to rank. Mostly short tails keywords bring traffic but lack in buying intent.


Long Tail keywords are specific and with a clear intent of seeking information or buying. Long-tail keywords make up about 70% of all millions of searches, making it the most traffic and buying intention.


Exact match keywords are the same as the people search for on the web. Exact match keywords can be a short tail or long tail and can bring tons of traffic to your website. Partial match keywords do match with your keywords, but partially, the intent is the same.



Why do I need keyword research for SEO? 


Keyword research is significant for you for SEO purposes. The reasons why do you need keyword research is as follows:


  • Content optimization



Optimizing content is a crucial step for SEO, which we call On-page optimization. Once you have found the perfect keyword for your article, it would help to use the keyword a few times in your writing to tell google about the item.


The crawler/bot of google understands the article based on the keyword you are using. You need to remember that you need to use the keyword so that it looks needy rather than using it anywhere it is not required.


Do not do keyword stuffing or forcefully inserting your target keyword. Google notices such harmful activities and may de-rank you.


  • Search Intent

A keywords people search can help you identify their search intent. What is your audience looking for while they are on google? Are they looking for some piece of information? Or are they looking to buy something online?


Understanding human behavior is pretty straightforward and exciting if done RIGHT. And researching keywords is the same as understanding human behavior.


Okay, let us get practical. When people search for How to, What, Why, Should, Where, When, and such type of questions.


They are looking for a piece of information, and you must provide the data directly to the point.


If people are searching Best, Review, Buying guide, Compare, Buy XYZ online, or any commercial and high purchasing intent keywords. They have already decided on buying, and they are ready to take their wallets out.


The other reasons why keyword research is necessary are as follows: Ranking faster for specific keywords, Identifying high buying Intent keywords, identify high search volume keywords, Eliminating non-profitable keywords, and many more.


Some tools for keyword research: 


Free keyword research tools:  

These are free keyword research tools – Google keyword planner, Ubersuggest (limited),,, Google search console, etc.


Paid keyword research tools:

These are paid tools – Ahrefs, SEMrush, Ubersuggest premium, MOZ keyword explorer, etc.


We hope this post on keyword research and the tools add value to your digital marketing knowledge bank.  If you like our post or have any queries, do let us know in the comment section.


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