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International Artist Day

Since ancient times art has been the most prominent thing around the world. The ancient records of the world were captured. Everywhere we look around, art prevails in one form or another. Sometimes it is a way to express our emotions and other times it is the medium to spread awareness.

International Artists Day recognizes all the creative souls out there who explore the art. It is marked to honor all the amazingly done arts and creativities globally. The artists who work with patience and innovation and present the best in front of us. Their work makes our eyes see pleasant things around


This day was founded by Chris MacClure. He was a Canadian artist who was specialized in the “Romantic Realism” style of art. He was one of the most renowned and important artists of Canada. This day specializes to celebrate all the ways that artists bring their own special view to life.

Source- Pixabay

How to celebrate.?

The first thing you can do is to support and encourage the local artists or someone you know.

Make something of your own and bring out the creativity in you.

Visiting museums and knowing about different types of art and artists with their phenomenal innovations is one more measure that can be taken on this day.

Learn about famous artists and their works and share them on your social media. Know the backstories of the artists.


Art speaks where words are unable to explain- Threadless Artist Masilo

There are moments when people are unable to express their emotions out. This is where art plays a role. Different renowned artists portray great messages through their paintings. Therefore, in the present era, art proves to be one of the most prominent mediums to reach people pleasantly.


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