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Aware People about Developmental Language Disorder and about the Exascale Day

Today, we all are busy in our lives, we want to achieve excellence and everyone wants to look perfect in society but the fact is on an average of one

Today, we all are busy in our lives, we want to achieve excellence and everyone wants to look perfect in society but the fact is on an average of one in every three people is suffering from one or other psychological diseases.

People do not open up about their psychological problems because society starts seeing them with a different perspective which results in no proper treatment and that just leads to disappointment and frustration.

October 18 is also celebrating National Exascale Day, to appreciate all the scientists and technicians for their work to bring the technology to this height.

Developmental Language Disorder Awareness Day

In developmental language disorder, the child fails to acquire his own language for no obvious reason. Children suffering from this have difficulty in understanding what people say to them, and they struggle to articulate their ideas and feelings.



Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) campaign was started in 2017, to highlight the language disorder problem among the people.

The campaign started with the theme DLD 1-2-3, highlighting:

  • DLD problem is related to speaking and/or listening.
  • It is not clearly detectable, it is hidden but it can be common in many people.
  • This problem needs support and not different views from society towards those children and their families.

Development Language Disorder (DLD) is a replacement of the scientific term Specific Language Impairment (SLI).

How to Celebrate:

Write a note on your social media to all those speech and language therapists, thanking them for treating these children and giving their best efforts to cure them.

Aware people about this hidden but common problem so that parents can consult a doctor if their child is suffering from the DLD problem.

National Exascale Day


Exascale is defined as a quintillion computations per second. Even if each person on the earth is capable of completing one calculation per second, all 7.7 billion people on earth would take over 4 years. An exascale computer can complete a quintillion computation in 1 second.


In 2019, CRAY, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company, founded National Exascale Day.

On October 18, National Exascale Day is celebrated in honor of the scientists and researchers who make breakthrough discoveries in medicine, materials sciences, energy, and beyond.

The day also celebrates a new era of supercomputing that will enable breakthroughs in disciplines benefitting all of humankind.

For all the advanced discoveries, scientists and researchers use some of the fastest supercomputers in the world.

How to Celebrate:

You may grab opportunities and take part in science exhibitions your school or college organizes. Thank and appreciate your science teachers, make them feel special on this auspicious by giving them greetings.

Share some videos of the great achievements of the scientists and researchers on your social media and write a note of appreciation for their work.


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