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Each and every day we follow a timetable. Well, we do not always follow it to time. But we have a routine. When we have a routine, life may become mechanical. Let us look at some engrossing events today to step away from the daily routine. We have Universal Children’s day and Transgender Remembrance Day today on November 20. Two engrossing events to do some mindful, relaxing, and helpful deeds.

Universal Children’s day

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Children are the leaders of tomorrow. For parents, their kids will always remain as kids. No matter how old they get. Children on the other hand want to be treated as adults from the moment they start talking. Soon they realize that being a child is always better. What we do today, leaves a mark on our children. Therefore every parent tries their hardest to prepare their child for the bigger world.


The General Assembly of the United Nations proclaimed November 20 as Universal Children’s Day. The main goal is to accommodate children of all ages, religions, races, and colors. Since discrimination is not only done to adults. This is a way to look out for the children who are victimized as well. The welfare of the children is taken as the first priority.

How to celebrate

If you have siblings, spend the day with them. You and your whole family can pay a visit to an orphanage. Spend time there with the children. Make new friends. Spread awareness about this day. You and your friends can volunteer to make a kid feel special on this day. Let this be a sort of a second birthday in the year. After all, if we do something nice, the children will do the same in the future.

Transgender Remembrance Day

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Transgenders are coming out into the open nowadays. They are unafraid of who they are and unafraid of the world. This is the situation right now. But a few years ago, they were afraid of stepping out of the shadows. This is because they faced brutal exploitation and violence by other people. Today, November 20 is to honor them and their courage.


Transgender Remembrance Day is celebrated in accord with the death of Rita Hester, a transgender, in 1999. Transgender advocate Gwendolyn Ann Smith made sure to initiate this day. This day is a reminder of all the violence and abuse caused. It is the day to let go of the past and live for today. It is the day of acceptance and peace

How to celebrate

Attend any vigil or peaceful public gathering to show your support. Once again use the power of social media to spread awareness. If you want to, put rainbow colors clothes on and walk the streets. Also, change your social media display picture to rainbow colors for today. Volunteer with LGBTQ organizations if you can, Show support all those who were suppressed till now. Bring them to the light once more.

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