Today – November 13

Right here, right now is where you were meant to be. So make the most of it. Celebrate each day. Let us see what November 13 has to offer.

Every day puts forward its best platter to serve the moments to celebrate and live life a little more. The aspiration to do something better and be a better version of what you were a moment before, is what gets the day going. We hope that our readers celebrate life and seek more reasons to do so. Brag Social team presents before you what today has to offer.

November 13 highlights the importance of small gestures of kindness and the love for the sweetness that almost every one of us craves. The day puts forward the celebrations of World Kindness Day and National Pudding Day.

So as to know the events of the day on November 12, click here.

World Kindness Day

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Ever helped an old person, cross the road? or seen the rays of happiness that shine on the face of a little girl when she gets her first doll or that toy she always wanted? Many times, these random acts of kindness give us nothing less than a reason to live life in its full valor. The trait of kindness is what the world needs. There exists no wisdom as great as that to have a kind heart. Kindness is key to the doors that have ever been closed.


The objective of this day is to create a positive environment for the people to coexist. However, the history of the day ranges from the era of the 90s. There were events where people were called upon to share their experience and act of kindness. People have observed that the best way to heal and be self-conscious is through these small acts of kindness. Random acts of kindness serve as the ray of hope in perplexing situations. It lets you live life a little more than usual. The happiness that it brings you is immeasurable.

How to Celebrate?

This day explicitly addresses that the need of the hour is not to prove yourself right by being rude or choosing hatred. It is rather in the practice of choosing love and kindness over hatred. To adapt to such small acts of kindness does not take a lot. You just need to have the willingness to do it. So why wait? Go and help your mother with her chores or help your siblings with their projects and stuff, or just take a vow to not be rude to anyone. These token of love and gratitude is what the need of the hour is.

National Indian Pudding Day

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Pudding is that cold weather classic makes anyone drool at it. The United Nations observes the day to recognize this mouth-watering sweet-savory. It gets its name from the fact that colonists called cornmeal(a key ingredient of pudding) Indian meal. Henceforth, it is called Indian Pudding. People often say Life is like a pudding full of plums. On November 13, it is time to actually have pudding. The day raises a toast to all the foodies out there. So what are you waiting for? Grab your plate of pudding and get celebrating.




The dish achieved its recognition from New England. The indigenous people introduced the colonists to this recipe. After many experiments, the chefs were able to achieve a taste that is worth a try. The ingredients include cornmeal, milk, and sweeteners. It can also be served with ice cream or whipped cream. It secured its place in American cookbooks before the 20th century. Moreover, it was a popular and quick thanksgiving recipe.

How to Celebrate?

Well, no one should tell you what to eat or whatnot. But the Indian pudding is worth trying. So on November 13, get yourself a pudding or bake your own. Just follow the recipe and celebrate Indian Pudding Day. Let the taste buds live a little more!


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