Today – November 10

There is no perfect condition for any work. Therefore, now is a perfect time, and today is the perfect day to take action for your course. Let us celebrate World Science Day for Peace and Development and National Vanilla Cupcake Day to make your today worthwhile and sweet, respectively.

Let us read on to more about the days celebrated on November 10 below:


World Science Day For Peace and Development

Science is indeed important and relevant for our lives on this earth. By linking science more closely with society, World Science Day for Peace and Development celebrated on November 10, aims to ensure scientific developments for peace in our society. It also focuses on the role scientists play in deepening our understanding of our planet and make our societies more sustainable.


World Conference on Science was held in Budapest in 1999. This recognition to create a new compact on science and society. In the conference, people discussed that a World Science Day could help strengthen commitments to attain the Declaration on Science. Also, it used Scientific Knowledge’s goals and Framework for Action’s recommendations to pursue the Science Agenda.

Followed by the World Conference on Science, in 2001, UNESCO established the WSDPD through a proclamation at a general conference. The WSDPD was given a reminder of the organization’s mandate and commitment to science. Therefore, the day was first celebrated on November 10, 2002.


How to Celebrate?

People often celebrate today by offering an opportunity to show the general public the importance of science in their lives and engage them in science and development discussions. This kind of venture also brings a unique perspective to the global search for peace and development. People often celebrate today by spreading awareness about the same through various social media platforms. Also, many people organize events on science for peace and development of the society.



National Vanilla Cupcake Day

Cupcake lovers each year enthusiastically celebrate National Vanilla Cupcake Day on November 10. National Vanilla Cupcake Day may just be another food holiday for all of us. Still, we will take any excuse to start the day off with a vanilla cupcake smothered in frosting.

Today, cupcakes are known to be an art form. Bakers create wedding, birthday, or anniversary cupcakes satisfying everyone’s sweet tooth. Cupcakes are colorful and fun to eat; these single-serving delights offer a pleasing option when planning any kind of celebration.



In 1976, the first cupcake was made when a small cupcake recipe was written in American Cookery (Amelia Simmons).  The term cupcake’s earliest documentation was 1828 in Seventy-five Receipts for Cakes, Pasty, and Sweetmeats in Eliza Leslie’s famous Receipts cookbook.

However, cupcakes were originally baked in heavy pottery cups. But today, some bakers still use individual ramekins, small larger teacups, coffee mugs, or other small ovenproof pottery-type dishes for baking some delicious cupcakes.


How to Celebrate?

People celebrate today by visiting their neighborhood bakery with family and friends to celebrate this sweet treat. Additionally, you can also celebrate today by taking out some minutes and bake some delicious homemade cupcakes. Give a shoutout to your favorite baker and celebrate today, spreading awareness about the best cupcake baker.


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