Today – June 23

Each new day should be received with gratitude. Gratitude for the amazing new beginning it has provided and helped us see the bright light in the morning. This gratitude should be celebrated with all ways you can. So, we through this Today column, bring to you the amazing reasons you can use to enjoy your day.

International Widows Day 

The stigma around widows has been prevalent for a long time. This stigma has been used to deny widows their rights and is often blindly discriminated against because they lost their husbands to some disease or warfare. Many countries do not acknowledge any particular rights to such women and some countries also find it legal to force widows to marry some relative of their late husband. Women are subjected to immense pain and trauma as they lose someone close to their heart and all these external pressures over them add to their already present trauma. Today was created to spread awareness about the plight of these women and help them to have better lives that they deserve. The day was coined by the 65th UN General Assembly and was globally recognized in 2010.

On this day, if you know a widow, meet them and try to help them if they need. Do charity to organizations that help widows and help these women get back their lives on track and live them normally as they should. Also, spread awareness about today and help your friends join in to spread the importance of the day. 

Let It Go Day 

Our life is a book that is written in a way we choose to. But, many times we are stuck in one chapter mentally and emotionally, that we mess up the pages ahead. There would be one incident, one person that we were so connected at a point and are no more together at present. We might walk on from that time, but our soul still stays there and instills a flinch of pain every time we do something. Today is exactly a day allowing you to close the chapter. To finish it off and move on wholeheartedly to the next story. 

You can grieve and dwell in the past, but it’s high time that you set on to the next endeavor that you are supposed to. Let that scar be with you, let that pain be with you, but let the spirit that is holding you back go, let that feeling leave and you move ahead. Write down the things that hurt you and flick it into the trash. Spread your positivity and be positive today. It’s a breather you needed for a long time. 


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