First Smallpox Vaccination and More

1796 English physician Edward Jenner gives the first successful smallpox vaccination

A British scientist, Edward Jenner is well known for his innovative contribution to immunization and the ultimate eradication of smallpox. His work is widely regarded as the foundation of immunology. The practice of vaccination was popularized by Jenner, and since then has been used ubiquitously to prevent several diseases.

1853 Gail Borden applies for a patent for condensed milk

Gail Borden was the creator of the first commercial process of condensing milk. After three years of refining his model, he received the patent for his process of condensing milk by vacuum in 1856. To focus on his new product, he abandoned the meat biscuit.

1897 Guglielmo Marconi sends the first communication by wireless telegraph

On this day, the Italian physicist and radio pioneer, Marconi sent the first ever wireless communication over the open sea – a message was transmitted over the Bristol Channel from Flat Holm Island to Lavernock Point in Penarth, a distance of 6 kilometers (3.7 mi). The message read “Are you ready”.

1940 Holland surrenders to Germany

One day after the bombing of Rotterdam, the Dutch forces surrendered. It was during the battle of Netherlands which began on 10 May 1940 until the surrender of the Dutch forces on 14 May.

1942 The British Army, in retreat from Burma, reaches India

This was a part of World War II when the British forces withdrew from enemy forces after defeat in Burma country and reached India. The Burma campaign lasted from 14 December, 1941 to 13 September, 1945.

1948 Israel declares independence from British administration

The proclamation of The Israeli Declaration of Independence, formally the Declaration of the Establishment of the State of Israel was made on 14 May 1948.

1998 Seinfeld’s final 2-part episode “The Finale” airs on NBC to 76.3M viewers

It is a two-part series finale and final episode of the American sitcom Seinfeld. NBC aired the two-part series finale of Seinfeld, simply named “The Finale,” written by Seinfeld co-creator Larry David. Due to the large number of crowd watching it, commercials were prices at $2M for 30 seconds.

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