Today in History April 29th- Rubber patented, First African American Mayor and much more


Rubber is patented.

Charles Goodyear (December 29, 1800 – July 1, 1860) was an American self-taught chemist and manufacturing engineer who developed vulcanized rubber, for which he received patent number 3633 from the United States Patent Office on June 15, 1844. vulcanize rubber discovered in 1839, a process perfected and patented in 1844.


Forts Philip and Jackson surrender to Admiral David Farragut outside New Orleans.

The troops could not land until Forts Jackson and St. Phillip was secured. They surrendered on April 29, and now New Orleans had no protection. Crowds cursed the Yankees as all Confederate flags in the city were lowered and stars and stripes were raised in their place.


Gideon Sundback of Hoboken patents the all-purpose zipper.

The product debuted at the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago, but it didn’t have much success. The modern zipper was eventually designed in 1913 by Gideon Sundback, who worked at the Universal Fastener Company in Hoboken, New Jersey. He received a patent for his “Separable Fastener” in 1917.


America’s WWI Ace of Aces, Eddie Rickenbacker, scores his first victory with the help of Captain James Norman Hall.

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