Today – 24 June

Each new day should be received with gratitude. Gratitude for the amazing new beginning it has provided and helped us see the bright light in the morning. This gratitude should be celebrated with all ways you can. So, we through this Today column, bring to you the amazing reasons you can use to enjoy your day.

Upcycling Day 

The world is nearing a tremendous climate change that started a long time ago. The realization has come late yet the realization is essential is important. Small changes would lead to a massive revolution in the future. It is rather essential to have a proper way that would help all of us join in and work towards a better planet. So, today marks the importance of sustainable development and the necessity to use resources smartly. All of us together can make the change. 

Upcycling day was coined to share the importance of recycling and reusing already used items, rather than discarding them as waste after the very first use. Any product could be turned into something else and highly useful by integrating creativity with the product. This is what schools call ‘Best from Waste’ competitions. On this day, before throwing something into the bin think of ways you can reuse it. Or maybe transform it into a better product. Also, ask your colleagues and friends to do the same. 

Pralines Day

June seems to be the month of desserts it seems. All the dessert lovers have been in for a treat this week and today is no different. Today is a day to celebrate, cream, rich, chocolaty, and the amazing Pralines. Each country has its own set of Pralines but the emotion remains the same across the world. Pralines saw their emergence in the early 17th century, then went on to become the most sought after players in the chocolate industry. 

Today, get to your favorite restaurant or bakery and munch on these amazing delicacies. Take your friends along with you and enjoy the time together. Or else, why not try your hand at making it at home today. Also, fill your social media with the news and help others know about it.

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