Today – 21 July

We have successfully completed half a year. 2020 is flying by like a shooting star, and here we are at July. It is a long year ahead just like the months that went by. The days that passed have taught us many things and we are going to rock the rest of the months as well. We bring to you the different reasons we should be celebrating each day through this Today column so read on to know why you should.

Junk Food Day

With all of us making health our concern and moving towards a healthier lifestyle, we have left behind eating food on high calories. A lot of us have stopped munching on our favorite junk food regularly as we did before. But, today is the perfect cheat day, anyone was looking for. Junk is synonymous with high calories, salt, and spice, making it potentially unfit for many of our diets. But, there are no qualms that they are kind to our taste buds and the tummy. None of us would say no to some amount of junk food once in a while, and it is today that you can openly cheat on your strict diet schedule.

So, take your bags, and visit your favorite restaurant you share the best food memories with. If you are looking for a healthy alternative, then you could make your favorite food at home. Also, if you have little kids at home, they are in for the best surprise for them in a long time. 

National Be Someone Day

Child abuse is an increasing concern everywhere. Young children across the globe are subjected to violent and non-violent abuse, leading to trauma and a huge mental impact on them, over the years. Today, being someone does not indicate acting like someone else, but taking a stance against any sort of abuse around you. Just devoting 10 seconds a day, and lending a helping hand in our might is the aim of the day. If all of us would pledge to take care of this, the world would be soon a happy place for all children. 

Today, you can help any child who is suffering around you inform the right people to take necessary action to help them. Also, you can try to help organizations who work for the said cause. Be kind to all young children and help them fly their own way. 


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