Tips to return to your Workplace in this Pandemic.

It is time to return to the workplace after a long time, even in this pandemic of COVID-19. Seemingly, the coronavirus pandemic has expanded the boundaries of how far organizations thought flexible workplace policies could stretch. But due to some situations, some organizations starting with few employees. People should maintain their safety in any place. Your security is our priority. Keep it in mind where everywhere you go. Not only for you, it is for our family and others also.


Practice social distancing at work


Social Distancing

Earlier day, people are awfully close to sitting in the workplace, and they communicate remarkably close. Now it recommends staying at least six feet from others and should be wearing a mask and a Plexiglas face shield. Also recommend flex schedules, if possible, so there are not people sitting too close to another person and entering the workplace and exiting at the same time.


Limit the number of people in office meetings and maintain social-distancing for in-person meetings. You are going to have to numeral out a seating arrangement for meetings. It means some people on speakerphone and some people in person. You may have to divide it up. Avoid shaking hands and hugs in the workplace and meetings.


Clean and sanitize your workspace. 


It advises you to make sure that you have sanitizer always and cleaning supplies at your desk. And avoid touching the handrails and other surfaces when possible. Disinfection and  Commercial cleaning service providers must be called to take care of the workspace. 

When you do touch door handles, elevator buttons, and other things, make sure to sanitize and then wash your hands as soon as possible.


Provide masks and the place sanitizer throughout the premises, including in elevators and other areas it had not been located before the pandemic. Only covering elevator buttons with plastic, it provides a false sense of security.


Post signs indicating that common areas, such as elevators, break rooms, conference rooms, and bathrooms—have been sanitized and the date and time this was done.     


Avoid commuting with other people and check into the safety of public transportation. 


It is better to avoid public transport. But if it is necessary, then you should avoid unnecessary communications. Commuting together automatically puts people into a close distance to each other. It would recommend, if you can, to quit this for now.


Be flexible

Be flexible sign board

Employees who can work should have the option to continue doing so if they are uncomfortable returning to the workplace. Holding fewer in-person meetings and using improved conference calls and video conferences.


Stay off crowded elevators.


If you work in a building with elevators, you should take the stairs, if you can. If not, simply ask people if they can wait for the next one if you feel vulnerable. It advises not to get on an elevator with more than five people.


Ask your co-workers for cooperation.


It recommends inviting them to speak if you are doing something, it may be automatically, such as touching the face, that is not safe.


This will make me feel more comfortable doing the same and creating a team environment to help each other stay safe.


Carry your water bottle


In its pandemic situation, avoid the plastic bottle. Carry your copper or steel water bottle for drinking water. Avoid outside of drinking water by carrying your own. Do not forget to bring your bottle from today onwards.


Avoid outside food


Water bottle

It is advised to avoid food sometime until unless this situation clear. Carry your lunch box from home. Take a healthy diet and be healthy.


Wash immediately after returning


Wash your clothes and masks every day after returning home from work. That is smart Covid-19 protection. Also, it is advised to take a shower whenever you returned home from outside. At least wash your hands, do sanitize, and more.


Even more, if any more health issues, feel free to contact your doctor without delay.

Follow these tips and be healthy always in your workplace.

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