Reade facing online harassment- creepy calls, threatening mails and tweets

Tara Reade informed that after her allegation about sexual assault against Joe Biden, her former boss, she is being subjected to online harassment. According to her, she is stuck in the middle of the unleashed online criticism, political firestorm and the people impersonating her- making fake social media accounts, and uploading personal pictures of her as well as her family members. She criticized the hypocrisy of Democrats making statements about women being able to freely share their stories while she herself is constantly being targeted and criticized by the so-called Biden’s supporters for doing the same.

Tara informed about multiple “creepy” late-night calls from unknown numbers received on the phone of her relative. Thus, the frightened family members are also becoming the victim of threat. In one of the unknown voice messages, the speaker pretended to be a journalist who began with an introduction of himself that was most probably made-up, followed with laughter and the ending words being “Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself” and “Trump 2020”. The other unknown creepy voice message, the caller gave the same introduction as the previous one asking Tara to call back for a discussion about her “new powerful” allegation against the Vice President and “underscoring the double standard put forth by the MeToo movement”. Apart from creepy calls, she has also received threatening messages like an email from the sender namely “Linda Dubois”, who abused her and called her a “disgrace to womanhood”.

Tara also responded to an AP report mentioning it was false and also called to retract that headline. The Facebook page with the handle “@TaraReada” displayed a fake website using Tara’s full name.

Moreover, Jon Cooper, a former chair of Democratic Coalition and a prominent Biden ally, called her “unbalanced” or “driven by malicious motives” in a tweet to which she retweeted, highlighting her agony about the online harassment, how difficult it is for people to feel safe in coming forward to share the wrongdoings of public figures in the first place and criticism making it even more excruciating.

However, Biden broke his silence about Tara’s allegation on Friday and told that it “never happened”.


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