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What is Pinterest? Pinterest, the third most popular social network among adults, not only allows users to discover and explore the world by sharing

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest, the third most popular social network among adults, not only allows users to discover and explore the world by sharing stuff visually but also helps in increasing the traffic of your website. Alike other search engines, such as Google and Youtube, people search and create the content on Pinterest. This free-to-use platform can also multiply your income by establishing credibility for your website in a particular niche.

A 10-year-old American site, created by Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra, and Evan Sharp has recorded over 400 million monthly active users as of August 2020. It was founded in December 2009 to enable discovery and saving information.

The minds behind the creation of Pinterest, a visual search engine, inducted it as a ‘catalog of ideas’ that may inspire users or viewers ‘to go out and do that thing’.

Why should you use Pinterest?

Pinterest is an engine used for determining ideas like fitness, fashion, recipe, home decors, and so on through visuals. Users can use the network for a variety of other purposes, from planning things to showing up your experiences of exploring the world. The stuff that fascinates you may include articles, images, blog posts, and any pin you find fascinating in your feed or search.

It is a platform that helps you build a social network with people of the same niche through sharing posts and information. This place to learn and explore the world might help you in developing your portfolio and growing your business through social media.

How does it help businesses?

Unlike other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc., Users cannot use Pinterest for interacting with friends or followers. The website has enticed businesses to create their pages for promoting their companies online. Not only businesses but any person can also create content on Pinterest to spread it to the masses.

Pinterest can help to generate traffic to your websites or blogs as it is a search engine where one can find everything. To get fair traffic to your blog or site, it is essential to engage with Pinterest adequately. One cannot create a network without having followers to consume that content.


For creating a network, another element, known as ‘REPIN’ is quite very important to extend your reach. Repin is not rocket science but to look and read pins of other users and then pin it to your boards. Similarly, other people can pin your pins on their boards. This repining technique helps you engage with people and does not dilute your content. Gradually, your pin (image) can become a great pin, with more engagement, repins, and clicks.

But repining and engaging are useless if the content is not unique, interesting, and viewer-friendly. Before getting into traffic generation techniques, there should be an emphasis on images, color, and text. For capturing the attention of viewers, your content should stand out uniquely. The relevant ideas and information would pique the interest of users.

How to use Pinterest?

The application ‘Pinterest’ can be easily accessible in Android, iOS, and Windows 10 PCs. Before entering into the world of ideas, you need to register yourself either through your Google account or Facebook account or even through your contact details. After signing in, one may go for selecting a niche to explore and get particular ideas. The following are the features one may find at the platform:

Millions of hobbyists use Pinterest to create and share content to inspire others and showcase their talent. Businesses also exploit it to expand its market reach and to increase the audience for their content. People can link Pins on Pinterest to any URL easily which gives the user, ease of sharing the linked content.

 Home Feed and Profile

Home Feed is nothing but a place where you will find your pins and related stuff, based on your recent searches, collectively. These pins are based entirely on your selected or followed people or niche.

Your selection of people or categories does not restrict you exploring more ideas rather search engine helps you to search for other Pins. By typing any keyword in the search box, related items would get appeared. For example: try typing the word ‘Travel’ to get some beautiful tourist spots, favorable destination, bag essentials, outfits, and many more.

In your profile column, you may find all your details, including your followers and followings, pins, and boards. One can make the required changes in the settings of privacy in profile.

Pins and Boards

Then comes the Pins that are no less than your bookmarks to save ideas to use them later or whenever needed. Users can save the ideas by clicking on the red-colored ‘Save’ button to specific boards created automatically or manually.

To arrange or categorize your pins accordingly, you may create separate boards to save your pin. For example, by creating a board ‘Travel’, you may add all the pins, including bag essentials, cheapest tourist spots, etc.

Users can change the privacy setting of these boards and pins anytime to either show it publicly or friends or to keep it as ‘Secret’ experience.

Apart from individual boards, Pinterest offers the feature of group boards where people are known as collaborators. After being accepted as a collaborator, you can start pinning to a group and create your network.

Through these pins, one may add a travel experience by adding pictures, quotes, etc. and then inspire a friend or group by sharing your pin. These friends can get added through syncing contacts or email addresses of them.

Pinterest is a pool of ideas where content creators share their views in visual forms and people who are thirsty for ideas can easily access them. Pinterest makes searching and understanding easier as visuals always make us understand things better and quicker. Visuals are also said to be settled in memory for a longer time than texts. Pinterest is helping millions of creative people who wish to share their content online to reach the masses. Pinterest is an all-round search engine where you can look for stuff related to any topic imaginable. It just makes searching easier and engaging for the user.

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