October 30, Helena, Montana’s capital, established and more

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1503- Queen Isabella of Spain bans brutality against Indians

Queen Isabella of Spain prohibits brutality against Indians. “The import that captivated Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand the most was one that Columbus himself brought back to Spain: human beings.The Spanish monarchs, Ferdinand 1 and Isabella, first approved consent to the colonists of the Caribbean to introduce African slaves, who began arriving to the island in 1503. The primary imprisoned blacks were purchased in Lisbon, Portugal.

1629- King Charles I gives the Bahamas to Sir Robert Heath

Sir Robert Heath was His Majesty’s Attorney General for King Charles I. On October 30, 1629. In the fifth year of his sovereignty. King Charles I worked out one of his rights by giving way to his legal representative General. Sir Robert Heath, the region between 31 degrees and 36 degrees North leeway in the New World. Heath held this vast domain from the Atlantic to the Pacific as a sole proprietor. He was described in his charter as being “kindled with a convinced creditable and devout wish as well of making bigger the Christian religion as our territory. And he was rising the Trade and Commerce of this our realm.

Helena, Montana - Wikipedia

1864- Helena, Montana’s capital, established

Helena was founded as a gold camp throughout the Montana gold rush and recognized on October 30, 1864. Due to the gold rush, Helena would turn out to be a rich city, with about 50 millionaires occupying the area by 1888. The consideration of wealth contributed to the city’s well-known, detailed Victorian structural design.

1888- John J Loud patents ballpoint pen

Keenly involved in inventing, on October 30, 1888. Loud obtained the primary patent for a ballpoint pen when trying to create a writing tool that would be capable of writing. Because at that time ordinary fountain pens could not. 

John Jacob Loud was an American creator recognized for designing the foremost ballpoint pen. Skilled as a lawyer at Harvard College, Loud employed at the Union National Bank in Weymouth Massachusetts as a banker. A trustee of many limited associations, and as a member of local historical communities.

Communist Party of Australia Archive

1920 The Communist Party of Australia is founded in Sydney

The Communist Party of Australia (CPA) was established in 1920 and closed in 1991. The CPA attained its greatest political power in the 1940s and faced a tried ban in 1951. Though it never offered a main confrontation to the established order in Australia, it did have a huge association and an important power on the trade unions, social movements, and the national society. The Communist Part of Australia was established in Sydney. on 30 October 1920 by a group of socialists enthused by the information of the Russian Revolution. Groups integrated the Australian Socialist Party, some associates from the Victorian Socialist Party , as fine as a selection of militant deal unionists.


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