October 26- Erie Canal opens and much more..

“There is only one history of any importance, and it is the history of what you once believed you in and the history of what you came to believe in!” – Kay Boyle

We only believe in what we are made, but when it comes to history, we believe in what others tell us. Why not find out why we are here where we are today? Everything is hidden in the past. Just you need to ask yourself questions.

And to answer all your questions we are here. Let us together get all the riddles of the past to solve out through the today column!


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Brazil declares war on Germany

On October 26, 1917, Brazil declared to enter the war on the side of the Allied powers. Although, Brazil contributed to the war by sending medical units and airmen. After making certain amendments in the constitution and enabling the rights to declare war, the declaration was made on this day. It portrayed the country’s decision to be on the Allies side and against Germany due to the attacks on International trade and for the basic purpose to spread peace and a democratic world.


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Benjamin Franklin set sail for France

After being an agent of a diplomatic commission by Continental Congress, Benjamin Franklin set sail from Philadelphia for France. Thus was done in accordance to negotiate and secure a formal alliance. While his achievements were celebrated, Franklin’s diplomatic success in France was slow in coming. Later, representatives of the United State and France, including Benjamin Franklin declared the alliance. They signed the treaty of Amity and Commerce on February 6, 1778.


Source- history

Erie Canal opens

The Erie Canal was opened on October 26, 1825. It provides overland water transportation between the Hudson River on the east and Lake Erie at the western end. It was the vision of New York’s governor: Clinton’s Folly” and took approximately 8 years for being has become a popular venue for boaters after the twentieth century when The New York State Barge Canal, incorporated the canal into a larger system of waterways that included extensions to Lake Ontario, Lake Champlain, Lake Cayuga, and Lake Seneca.


Source- Findagrave

An infant receives baboon heart

Stephanie Fae Beauclair was an American infant born in 1984 with hypoplastic left heart syndrome. She became the first infant to experience the first successful xenotransplant procedure heart transplant. She received the heart of a baboon. Although, she lived for many weeks but died within several months


Source- Wikipedia

“Blood bill” Anderson killed

William “Bloody Bill” Anderson was born in Missouri. On October 26, 1864, he was killed in Missouri in a Union ambush. Before the Civil War, the trafficked stolen horses and escorted wagon trains along the Santa Fe Trail. When the war broke out, Anderson joined an antislavery, pro-Union band of guerillas known as “Jayhawkers.” He soon switched sides and joined a band of pro-Confederate “Bushwhackers.” In the partisan warfare of Kansas and Missouri, these groups were often more interested in the robbery, looting, and personal gain than the advancement of a political cause.


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