November 6 – Women in NY get the right to vote and more

The choices we make today are based on the lessons learned in the past. But not necessarily every choice made, is the cause for the now. BragSocial brings to you some interesting facts regarding the historic event that occurred on November 6 of past years which are remembered to date.


1860 Abraham Lincoln was elected as the 16th president of the United States of America

Abraham Lincoln, born February 12, 1809, was titled as one of America’s Hero for his phenomenal work in saving the Union. He is also famous for being an emancipator for enslaved people. One of his important works is the creation of Secret Service hours. He is also known as the only president to have received a patent. Due to his consistent good deeds and his patriarchy for his country and its citizens, as a tribute, seven Hollywood movies have been directed about him.

1883 –  The NYAC organized its first-ever all American cross-country championship race

The New York Athletic Club founded in 1868, aimed to be a connoisseur of sport. The original idea behind its creation was to be a sponsor for competitions. In particular, athletic ones, and also to keep records and track of various sports. Known for its invite-only memberships, it organized a nationwide cross-country championship race on November 6, 1883. The event was deemed to be of huge success with the NYAC bagging all the victories. They remained undefeated champions only for the next 4 years.

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1917 – New York State adopted a constitutional amendment giving women the right to vote

After 8 years of struggle from 1909, women not only got to vote but were also educated about the right to vote. The suffrage movement began with a bare minimum of 12 women. It led to a gradual extension in the involvement of a whole city. By 1915, awareness about equal rights and vote had reached the ears of quite a lot of women. After another struggle of 2 more years, their efforts finally paid off. This marked the beginning of the rise of women to equality. By 1919, all the women of the USA were given their rights to vote.

1945 – The first landing of a defective jet on a carrier

According to aviation history, the brightest news cheered the hearts of hundreds and the US Navy after the end of World War II. An experiment of landing a jet plane( Ryan FR – 1 Fireball) on a carrier deck ( USS Wake Island CVE 65 Casablanca class ship) was more than successful with no casualties or damages. Although the landing was an impromptu one carried out as an in-flight emergency, the success made the whole deck rejoice on November 6.

2012 – Elizabeth Warren(then 63) became the first female Senator from Massachusetts

Born in Oklahoma City, Warren is an American legal scholar and a politician elected as a Democrat to the US Senate. She became a national figure in 2008 after chairing the Congressional Oversight Panel for Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP). She is also known for her work for advocating the creation of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. But her notable achievement was becoming a senior United States senator of the state of Massachusetts.


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