November 15: World day remembrance road traffic victims and more

Well, we are back to another Sunday. The day before a dreadful Monday. This November 15 may be a somber day for many. But for some, it is a day of acknowledgment and reminiscing the past. Why don’t we all make it a fun one by celebrating some special events? Read on to enlighten yourselves with the day today celebrations.

World day remembrance road traffic victims


On every third Sunday of the month of November, we celebrate world day remembrance of road traffic victims. On average, 1.35 million people fall victim to road accidents. These are just the reported cases. For all we know, there could actually be more. Every time a person falls this way, a whole family is hurt. But today, November 15, is not the day to mourn. Today is the day to hold our heads high with pride and smile for our loved ones.


Road Peace started this initiative back in 1993. This was done to provide financial and emotional support to those who lost someone. This day has since then become of global importance. The UN and WHO have endorsed it too since its establishment. Since then, every year, new initiatives are taken to assist the families of victims. Steps to reduce such accidents have also been taken. Remember. Support. Act. These three words have become the motto.

How to celebrate

The best way to celebrate is to do the following:-

  • Support those who work in emergency services
  • Remember those who passed away and be proud of who they were
  • Use social media to bring importance to road traffic rules
  •  Show support for the families through awareness

It is our duty as citizens of this world to be safe on the roads and encourage others to drive safely too. Each life is precious. Driving carefully or following rules properly will save hundreds. This November 15, help out as much as you can and reach out to those who need you.

Philanthropy Day

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Philanthropy literally means ” Love for humans”. Now, not all of us can be human lovers. Some of us prefer to spend time with dogs. But can’t we take one day off and just appreciate the humans around us? In verbatim, philanthropy is also generosity. What kind you may ask. It involves the generosity of treasure, talent, and time. Which made human life better.


Although philanthropy was founded in the 5th BC, it was termed “Philanthropy Day” in the 1980s. President Ronal Reager marked November 15 as the love for humanity day. He organized Luncheons in the country during his days. Since then, various communities and other generous and famous people have been organizing such charity events too.

How to celebrate

Usually, any festival or any day f importance has a specific way to celebrate. This is one of those kinds which do not have any specific celebration way. Since it is about philanthropy and the love of humans, giving essentials for poor people could be a start. You don’t have to rich as Bill gate or anyone else to be kind. A simple act such as giving old clothes so that others can reuse it is also an act of “love of humans”. So put on your helpful hat and be there for people.

We all know, karma always has a way of turning back on us. If we are kind and humble, the favor could be done to us too during our need for help.

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