November 12 – Jules Leotard performs the first flying trapeze circus act and more

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We at brag social bring you some major events that took place on November 12, which marked history.



1859 – Jules Leotard performs the first flying trapeze circus act at the Circus Napoleon

Jules Léotard was a French acrobat who performed the first flying trapeze act on record at the Cirque Napoléon in Paris on November 12, 1859. He was a young man who ‘flies through the air with the greatest ease’ in the music hall song. However, he also left his name to the leotard, the tight, sleeveless garment he used to wear, which showed his muscular frame.

Léotard and the great French tightrope walker Blondin led the development of outstanding performances on the trapeze and the high wire in 19th-century circuses. Léotard, at his father’s house in Toulouse, developed his act in his teens, which had a swimming pool. He fixed up a trapeze above the pool, which was a safeguard for him, and practiced various tricks. In the act, the acrobat takes off from a high board, holding the ‘fly bar’ of the trapeze, and lands in the hands of a catcher, who is dangling from another swinging trapeze.



1903 – The Lebaudy brothers of France recorded the highest air-travel distance of 34 miles

The early 1900s had, however, witnessed the emergence of the first practical airships around the globe. On November 12, 1903, the Lebaudy Brothers in France made the first-ever journey in a fully controlled airship, traveling a predetermined distance of 61 km. After that, they handed the airship to the French government. However, scientists built other aircraft for the French Army, Britain, Russia, and Austria, aware of its military applications, each acquired one.

In 1910, Scientists introduced the first regular passenger services in Germany. Five airships, built by the Delage Company, were used to connect * network of towns. While going out of service in 1914, they had made nearly 1600 flights and carried 34,000 passengers without a single injury.



1960 – The satellite Discoverer XVII launched into orbit

Discoverer XV11 was the second of the KH-2 Corona spy satellites, distinguished from the predecessor KH-1 series to incorporate the improved C’ camera, which replaced the C model carried on KH-1 missions. The enhanced camera had variable image motion compensation so that flew its carrying satellites in differing orbits. Also, same as the C camera, the C’ was manufactured by Fairchild Camera and Instrument under the guidance of Itek. This defense contractor specialized in making cameras for spy satellites.

The launch of Discoverer 17 occurred on November 12, 1960. However, they used a Thor DM-21 Agena-B rocket, flying from LC 75-3-5 at the Vandenberg Air Force Base. Yet, upon reaching orbit successfully, it was assigned as the Harvard designation 1960 Omicron 1. Also, it became the first KH-2 satellite to successfully reach orbit.



2003 – Shanghai Transrapid sets a world speed record (501 kph) for commercial railway systems

In April 200, the construction of the first commercial Transrapid system began. Although the maglev was the first revenue-producing high-speed and point-to-point maglev globally, the system was up and running by 2004. However, the 30-km line runs between Pudong Shanghai International Airport and the Shanghai Lujiazui financial district. An end-to-end ride takes about eight minutes.

On November 12, 2003, Shanghai Transrapid set a world record for commercial maglev systems. On this day, a five-section train achieved the top speed of 501 km/h while another vehicle passed at 430 km/h on the adjacent track. The Transrapid in Shanghai has an excellent design speed of over 500 km/h and a regular service speed of 430 km/h. Therefore, Shanghai Maglev is the fastest railway system in commercial operation worldwide, while other maglev lines are under consideration in China.


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