November 11- Maldives becomes a Republic And More

Every today is a history for tomorrow. Every day something new happens. It may be positive or negative, but it stays with us for ever. Just like this, We at Brag Social bring you some major events that took place on November 11, which marked the history.

November 12
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1865 – Mary Edwards Walker, awarded Medal of Honor

Dr. Mary Edwards Walker have led pretty eccentric life, ever since her childhood days. She wore men’s trousers and collared shirts, defying all the societal norms about females. She made her way in the nation’s first medical college, that is, Syracuse Medical College. At the surge of the American Civil War, she earned a spot as an acting surgeon in the US Army. After the war ended, a bill had signed by President Andrew Johnson. Therefore, awarding her the Medal of Honor for Meritorious Service on November 11, 1865. she became the first and only US female surgeon to receive the Medal of Honor, till date.



November 10- Lunar Orbiter 2 Reaches Moon And More


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