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Ever thought about the waiters or waitresses who serve you at restaurants, or the bartenders? Just for a day, try to step in their so-called comfortable shoes. This is how National Waitstaff Day should be celebrated as. Turn the table and exchange your roles.

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Why do we need it?

We got out for a meal to relax, to avoid cooking, to eat without dishes which we’ll have to set, clear or wash and to have a nice atmosphere. Our pleasurable experience is the result of the continuous effort of the waiter or waitress with whom we are in contact. Try to develop a relationship with the wait staff and they’ll serve you with the best. They will recommend what’s good in their menu and what the chef is still practicing on.

How to celebrate?

Most of the waitresses and waiters are salaried less than their efforts. They usually rely on tips to augment their salaries to a livable wage. A tip is a way of showing your rating for the service provided to you. If you had exceptional service, feel free to tip more than the normal amount. It’s a kind of motivation for the server. Today, be generous when you give a tip. Also, a kind word of appreciation will do a lot for the person. If they’ve gone out of their way to keep your drinks full, accommodate special requests, make recommendations for the meal, and did it all with cheery goodwill, be sure to say thank you and let them know you appreciated their care and attention to detail.


Memo Day celebrates something that has been a sacred source of communication within the business world, the memo. The word memo originated from the Lain word ‘memorandum’ which means ‘something to be remembered’. So, a memo or a memorandum is a note of something to be remembered. The purpose of a Memo was to aid memory by putting notification of events and observations in written communication.

How to celebrate?

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No preparations and no gatherings. To celebrate this day, just start by sending a memo. Whether it’s in the form of a Post-It note on the fridge, a message in their lunchbox reminding them of a Doctor’s appointment, or an email to your boss reminding him to send out the memos to the rest of your co-workers, make sure you send a memo out today! But, you may be wondering how to write one? The format is simple and clear. Write ‘Memo’ or ‘Memorandum’ at the top, followed by a To line, a From line, a Dateline, a Subject line, and then the actual body of the message. The best ending for a memo is a clear closing action which is stated in the last paragraph. Try to be very clear about what you want your reader to know or do after reading the memo, which makes it easy for your reader to respond.

The whole idea behind this day is celebrating something that never really gets spoken about but impacts many factions in life, every single day.


Notebooks strive to fill the world with anecdotes, commentaries, memoirs, and journals. The first Notebook Day was celebrated in 2016 and sought to speak to the world about the importance of journaling and what it can do to help us. The notebook has always been with us whether it be our English lessons in poetry which inspired us to write our own or our first love when our journal began filling with angry thoughts, deep emotions and the general process of trying to figure out who we were and what the world would make of us. With the emerging technology, the importance of journals seemed to decline in the past few years, but now, with the emerging popularity of bullet journals, the journals are making a fashionable comeback in the market again.

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Scientific studies have also proven the benefits of journaling, especially into adulthood, on one’s mental health. Taking your thoughts and splurging them onto a piece of paper can be extremely therapeutic and can help in clearing your head. There’s no need to create a wonderful weave of detailed thoughts, simply sprawling your thoughts on a piece of paper can work wonders on your mindset.

Creative writing into adulthood can also help keep your imagination alive and helps generate feelings of positivity and happiness while you work. You might love that element of escapism, from reading that holiday book in darkest winter to creating your own characters and crazy world that might be completely different from your own. Notebooks can help us in organizing our thoughts, ignite our imaginations, and generally help us take a bit of time out of the whirlwind world around us.

How to celebrate?

Grab a notebook and start writing down all the thoughts and worries of your day or a new story or a poem. You might not have time to embark on a new journey if you’re simply trying to understand your current one. Why not start a simple journal where you jot down your daily thoughts for five minutes. Just carry a notebook and pen or pencil around with you and see what the day’s ideas and opportunities bring.

Whatever you do, Notebook Day is the best day to open up those old journals, read our past thoughts and see how we changed, and open up a new page in our lives by starting a new one.

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