June 12 – Anne Frank’s Gift and more

1812: Napoleon Bonaparte and his army invade Russia

The invasion of Russia lasted six months. The Army crossed the Namen River to invade Russia, present-day Poland. The army was led by French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. They lost 300,000 men. This war is known as the                Patriotic War in Russia.

1849: The gas mask is patented by Lewis P. Haslett

Lewis P. Haslett patented an “Inhaler or Lung Protector,” the first U.S. patent issued for an air-purifying respirator. Haslett’s device filtered dust from the air. In that device, inhalation and exhalation occurred through two one-way clapper valves: one permitting the air to enter through a bulb-shaped filter, and the other permitting the exit of the air directly into the atmosphere.

1864: The Battle of Trevilian Station ends

The Battle of Trevilian Station, the bloodiest and largest all-cavalry battle of the American Civil War in Louisa County ends with Confederate tactical victory and Union successful retreat. It was just a two-day battle from June 11 to June 12, 1864.

1926: Brazil quit the League of Nations in protest over plans to admit Germany

The Brazilian Government of Premier Octavio Mangabeira reaffirmed Brazil’s intention to withdraw from League membership. The obstruction arose from the fact that two of the non-permanent members – Brazil and Spain -as well as Poland. Neither Brazil, which gave notice of its withdrawal from the League, nor Spain was represented at the forty-first session of the Council which assembled at Geneva September 2.

1942: Anne Frank gets her diary as a birthday present in Amsterdam

The young girl, Anne Frank, received one of the most famous birthday gifts of all time when she was just 13 years old. The gift was her beloved red and white checkered diary that she wrote in while hiding from the Nazis during the Holocaust. These works were published as ‘The Diary of a Young Girl’.

1963: Black civil rights leader Medgar Evers is assassinated by a gunman outside his home in Jackson, Mississippi

According to Wikipedia, Medgar Evers was assassinated in 1963 by Byron De La Beckwith, a member of the White Citizens’ Council in Jackson, Mississippi. This group was formed in 1954 in Mississippi to resist the integration of schools and civil rights activism. As a veteran, he was buried with full military honors at Arlington National Cemetery.

1964Nelson Mandela is sentenced to life in prison in South Africa

Mandela was jailed in Johannesburg’s Marshall Square prison. He was charged with inciting workers’ strikes and leaving the country without permission. His trial, the Rivonia Trial, began at Pretoria Supreme Court in October. 173 witnessed were called and thousands of photographs and documents were brought to the trial.

1991: Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines begins erupting for the first time in 600 years

Mount Pinatubo in western Luzon, Philippines, erupted in 1991 causing widespread devastation. After two months of emissions and small explosions, a series of major explosions began on June 12. These explosions reached a peak on June 14–16, producing a column of ash and smoke more than 19 miles high, with rock debris falling the same distance from the volcano.

2018: Singapore Summit between North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and US President Donald Trump

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un criticized President Donald Trump in a stinging denunciation of the U.S. on June 12, 2018, the second anniversary of a landmark summit in Singapore where Trump shook hands with leader Kim Jong-Un.

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