How to take care of your health during Covid-19?

Take care of your health amid covid 19, TeleHealth HealthCare

During a pandemic situation COVID-19, these actions are especially crucial for maintaining physical and mental health well-being.


It is normal to feel sad, confused, worried, scared, or angry in a situation like this. You should keep in mind that you are not alone, and you should talk with someone, such as a parent or a trusted adult, to protect yourself from both physical and mental health if you want any health suggestions to feel free to contact online general physicians. Nowadays, there is telehealth and telemedicine available to people quickly to consult doctors at any time.


Stay active

It’s pretty well known that doing exercise is suitable for both our physical and mental health. There are heaps of various activities you can do from home, thanks to the apps and YouTube. There a few free ones or continue doing whatever works for you.

There are many Yoga channels available. These are quirky and down-to-earth, and it offers yoga classes lasting from five minutes through to an hour.


Workout apps (iOS and Android)

These workouts are based on scientific studies and are designed to provide the maximum benefit in the shortest amount of time. You can also link up with your friends with these apps to encourage each other. And it is a great way to stay connected with your friends.

These are just the best ideas, do whatever works for you. If you can go outside, consider going for a walk or just running while taking in your surroundings.


Some other tips to consider

Ask questions, educate yourself, and also listen to information from reliable sources.

Wash your hands frequently, always with soap or handwash and water for at least 20 seconds.

Remember not to touch your face.

Do not stigmatize and exclude your peers and do not tease anyone that they are ill; remember that the virus spread does not know about geographical boundaries, ethnicity, age, ability, or gender.

Tell your parents, another family member, or whoever takes care of you if you are feeling any sick and ask to stay home.

Be aware of false information and misunderstandings, whether transmitted verbally or online.

Have some time for peace. Try to combine things you have to do with actions you enjoy.


Prepare your home-cooked meals.

Many people often do not have the time to prepare home during a regular daily busy life, mostly cooked meals. Spending more extended periods at home now may offer the possibility to make those recipes you before did not have time to complete. Many delicious recipes can be found online, it’s time to try. Take advantage of the freely available information and experiment with the ingredients you can access, but remember to keep in mind the principles for healthy eating.


Take care of your body.

Take care of physical health and mental health. Take a deep breath, stretch out, or meditate. Try to eat healthy, balanced meals, exercise regularly, sleep a lot, and avoid harmful substances. If any physical health or mental health issues, take proper medicine through telemedicine, consult online doctor telehealth.

Our online general physicians will always help you and provide the best solutions to overcome stress and your health issues.

Stay active, stay healthy, be happy, and enjoy life.


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