How To Celebrate UN Day?

We live in a world that is divided into parts such as continents and nations. Sometimes, matters related to economy, social causes, health issues, war and tension may arise between nations. To foresee such situations and to foster international peace and security, international organizations are developed. These organizations are established by virtue of a treaty or other instrument governed by international law and possessing its own international legal personality.

The United Nations is one such international organization. Developed in the year 1945, the UN is the largest and most familiar intergovernmental organization among the 300 organizations worldwide.

Significance of the United Nations

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The UN currently comprises 193 countries as member states that have equal representation in the United Nations General Assembly. It primarily focuses on maintaining peace and international cooperation among nations. It is the centre of harmonizing the actions of nations and aims at developing friendly relations among them. Not just maintaining peace and security, the UN also works towards the social causes and strives to better the lives of the underprivileged.

The UN day

The United Nations was formally established on October 24, 1945. This day marks the anniversary of the UN charter that entered into force. The UN Charter was signed on 26th June 1945 and was ratified on 24th October by China, France, the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom, the United States and by a majority of other signatories.

Today, UN Day celebrates the 75th anniversary of the United Nation and its founding Charter. Since 1948, it has been 75 years working for peace, security. Bringing all the countries together to fulfil the organization’s wish has been challenging but not impossible.

Due to the unprecedented global health crisis – COVID-19, this year temporarily ceases its celebration. The UN Day usually proceeds with a concert and carries the celebration with great pomp and show. Each year is celebrated with a theme to raise awareness and bring worldwide attention to important causes.

How to celebrate the UN Day

With legitimacy and conveying power, this global organization aims at promoting women and child health. It aids refugees who escape war and is also responsible for encouraging sustainability along with green practices. Many of us would be unaware of the fact that the UN feeds nearly 90 million people all around the world.

Sometimes, we humans forget to care about worldwide issues and take things such as the climate for granted. We fail to realize that someday these worldwide issues – social, global health, peace, humanitarian problems, the global economy and many more may certainly be a serious threat. A threat that may disturb human civilization and eventually lead to its demise. It is high time that we need to acknowledge these issues and lend a hand in support of the UN. By doing our bit, we will eventually make this place a better one that strives to improve each day.

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On the eve of the UN Day, one can do the following to acknowledge the organization’s tireless work and celebrate the UN Day :

  • Get to know more about this great organization and the differences it makes in everyone’s lives. Learn about the diverse cultures worldwide and share the same with friends, family and colleagues.
  • To explore cultural diversity, you can always host an international dinner inviting over friends or colleagues. This way, one can get to know and taste the traditional cuisines of other cultures.
  • Many countries celebrate and honour this day by making it a public holiday. While others celebrate with awareness programs, cultural shows admiring the UN’s work.
  • The UN has set various goals to promote, acknowledge and better the issues of attention to create a brighter future. Working and implementing these goals is something we all play a role in. One can always volunteer with organizations that work towards humanitarian aids or social causes.
  • The UN is very committed to protecting our environment and therefore adopts measures to better it each day. The least one can do is ‘Recycle’. Following the three R’s can be a magnificent change and our natural resources will be protected.
  • Focusing on sustainable goal development is the UN’s major objective. To recognize a leader and their commitment to sustainable development will be a great way to honour this day.
  •  UN Day has a theme each year to honour the United Nation’s birthday. Schools and colleges can screen documentaries or films related to each year’s theme. Conducting workshops and seminars for the same. Discussing and sharing each other’s views over the theme may develop a sense of togetherness. It may also raise awareness about current issues and conclude with pointers that need to be adapted.
  • Hosting discussions and collaborating with international students will be a great opportunity to learn about diversity and cultures. Fashion shows can be a wonderful idea to explore the traditional dresses of nations around the world.
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Celebrations for UN Day are held everywhere around the world. The work of the United Nations is commendable, and one can always admire their work. Some nations celebrate it in simple ways such as lighting the city bridges and building with the trademark blue of the United Nations. While others adapt to represent art from around the world and use them as part of an Art Installation.

Thus, different cultures, different modes of celebration. What is more important is that we all need to acknowledge the immense hard work and efforts of the United Nations that it puts to better our lives.



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