November 7 : US election results on tenterhooks and more

It has been past one week in November and the air already has a delightful menace. The month of November brings with itself a wholesome aura as a consequence. It is not only conventional observations but also the history associated with this month. Brag Social is here with yet another historical write-up for its audience. Here is a gist of all the events that make November 7 worth remembering.


November 7, 1665: The London Gazette first published.

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It is the oldest surviving journal of the British government. On November 7, 1665, it was first published under the name “The Oxford Gazette”  It is being continuously published ever since. Consequently, it is considered to be the first true newspaper in England. In addition, it is one of the official journals of record or Gazettes of the government. The Oxford Gazette emerged from the turmoil of the Great Plague and established itself. it is the heart of British readers for over 350 years since then.



November 7, 1907: Foundation of Delta Sigma Pi

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This American Business fraternity was founded in New York in the year 1907 on November 7. Three undergraduate students, Harold V. Jacobs, Alfred Moysello, and Alexander F. Makay, laid its foundation. In the long run, it emphasizes fostering business studies, encouraging scholarship, social activities at the university level.

The fraternity aims at affiliating the commercial world with the students of commerce as well. Delta Sigma Pi has its central office established in Chicago, Illinois, later in the year 1924




1916: The first congresswoman – Jeannette Rankin

The US House of Representatives welcomes its first woman in the year 1916. Jeannette Rankin,  Montana suffragist, is the first woman ever to have won a seat in the federal Congress. From her childhood, she was always encouraged and thought beyond the boundaries. She notably emerged out of the narrow sphere of opportunities. Secondly, she grew up under the guidance of her progressive parents. Before winning the vote, she even served as an active social worker.

No piece of history is complete without mentioning the name of Jeannette Rankin as a representative. Moreover, she endorsed the principles of world peace. She served as a testament to woman empowerment by working tirelessly for the upliftment of women.

November 7: US election results on tenterhooks


Is it the first time that the US presidential election results are giving the people such a hard time? Well, notably this has happened in the past as well on November 7.  Woodrow Wilson is re-elected as president in the year 1916. The race is as close as that of today.

All the votes are to be counted before the outcome could be declared. Next in the pipeline are the elections of the 19th century. Even then the result was unknown for numerous days.

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1994: first radio broadcast originates from WXYC.

The student radio station of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill experimented over the internet to discover its dimensions. WXYC/FM was the first radio station that simulcasted on air for 24 hours. It was the first on-air station on the global computer network.

WXYC has emerged out as a leader when it comes to the adaptation of the new diverse innovations. Be it changing music or bands or programming, it has modified itself over the span of years, without losing the touch of the past. WXYC gradually transformed into a 24 hour a day/ 365 day a year radio station. It has been consistent in quality ever since. Also, it is reliable enough to set your clock radio.

The radio station has won many laurels in the ’80s and the ’90s at both local and international levels. The awardees are inclusive of  Rolling Stone Magazine, the New York Times, and the Independent Weekly.


2000: Hillary Clinton becomes the first lady to become a U.S. Senator.

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The US Senate elects Hillary Rodham Clinton. Ultimately making her the first lady to win elected office. She represented New York for she had a unique resume among the other senators and First ladies. Her tenure lasted from January 3, 2001, to January 21, 2009. Later she resigned to serve for Obama Administration as United States Secretary of State. With her remarkable work, she served as a great epitome of women empowerment. Not only she was the first American First lady to have won a public office seat, but she was also the first woman who became the presidential nominee of a political party in U.S. history.




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