November 22 : First animated film – TOY STORY releases and more

Someone who is unaware of history is like a leaf that does not know it is a part of a tree. Knowing about the past creates a better understanding of today and opens opportunities for the future. We are simply trying to do a futile thing if we do not know our roots or what we have been about. The history of November 22 provides room for fresh discoveries and a breakthrough to the conventional norms.

Bragsocial presents to its readers yet another episode of history today. Let us know what the history of November 22 holds for us.

1497: Vasco da Gama rounded Cape of Good Hope

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The renowned traveler Vasco da Gama set on a voyage to reach India from Europe. He was then the first man in history who discovered a sea route from Europe to the Indian subcontinent. He rounded the Cape of Good Hope on his way to the Indian peninsula on November 22. The European traveler made history by crossing the rocky shore. However, this expedition started on July 8, 1497. It took almost a year for him to step on the land of India. The expedition ended in the month of May in 1498. The voyage included the team of 168 best sailors. The crew set off from Lisbon under the orders of the Portuguese king. Cape of Good Hope is situated in South Africa on the Cape peninsula. It is to the south of Cape Town.

The struggle and faith of the sailors yielded tremendous results. This expedition is a history in itself and almost everyone is aware of the contribution of the Portuguese to the travel world.


1910: Arthur Knight patents steel shaft golf clubs

The elite sport of Golf is about technique and concentration. It involves the use of long sticks called clubs to hit the small ball. Arthur Knight was the inventor of the clubs we use today. On November 22, he received a patent for his invention. The steel clubs he invented were made to conform to the direction of the ball in accordance with the blow of the player. A golf club has a club head and is comprised of a shaft with a grip. The game of golf has managed to achieve popularity among the masses. Also, one set of golf clubs consists of twelve clubs of varied designs. Different hitting styles and deliveries involve the use of different kinds of clubs.

Arthur Franklin Knight was an American inventor who is credited for his invention of steel shaft golf clubs. Moreover, he invented the Schenectady putter.


1995: The Toy Story, the first animated movie released


The world of entertainment saw a major breakthrough with animation technology. The Toy Story was the first film that used computer imagery. This movie is one of its kinds and caters to the whims and fancies of not only children but adults as well. It takes a trip into a world of endless possibilities and imagination where the toys come to life and have a mystic world of their own. The audience was eager to see how the first animated movie had turned out. Consequently, spectators flocked to the theatres as soon as the movie released. It was the highest-selling film for three weeks.

The film was a milestone in the field of graphics and animations. The joint venture of Disney and Pixar made this fascinating movie a possibility. Even now the movie is a treat to watch.



1969: Isolation of single gene announced

Gene is the basic unit of heredity. On November 22, a team of scientists at Harvard Medical School announced the isolation of a single gene. As a result, the study of genetics had achieved new dimensions. The development of genetic engineering was now possible owing to this discovery. The study of genes as a single unit modified the researchers to perform detailed experimentation on that single unit. This avoided interference with the neighboring genes.

This prominent result was based on the fact that when a bacterium is infected by a virus, the latter has the potential to remove a piece of DNA of the former. The DNA is present in the form of two loosely attached strings. One of the strands is a compliment of the other. The scientist further separated these two DNA strands. They then treated this strand with an enzyme that gave them the necessary results.


2005: Germany gets its first female chancellor


Angela Merkel is elected as the first woman chancellor of Germany. She was born on 17 July 1954 in Hamburg but brought up in the north of Berlin. Merkel is well connected to her roots. Her father was also a protestant minister back in his days. The Conservative Party was re-elected four times in a row, under her guidance. As of now, she is serving her fourth term. She is a member of the Christian-Democratic Union.

However, in November 2018, Merkel decided to step down as the leader of the Christian-Democratic Union. Consequently, she would not be standing in 2021 to seek a chancellorship. She is the epitome of woman empowerment. She has not only managed to secure her term for four consecutive times but also has served to the best of her credibilities. The public of Germany is now questioning that who after Angela Merkel would take upon the post of chancellor.


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