Gradual reopening of states, across the US

Tennessee, Mississippi, and Montana allowed some businesses to reopen Monday under new health guidelines as several states begin to relax coronavirus lockdown restrictions in a bid to get America’s workers safely back to work.

The moves to reopen follow in the steps of Georgia, Oklahoma, and Alaska, which on Friday began loosening lockdown restrictions on businesses despite health officials warning the gradual return to daily life might be happening too soon.

“Tennessee Pledge”

Tennesse has seen daily average infection being constant, through these few weeks. Because of which they have decided to reopen restaurants and businesses with 50% of their capacity

Mississippi “Safer at Home”

Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves signed a “Safer at Home” executive order Friday that lets most retailers reopen Monday with a 50 percent reduced capacity. Businesses that cannot avoid social contact, like salons and gyms, will not be allowed to reopen.

Montana’s rollout

Montana’s Democrat Gov. Steve Bullock also gave retailers the green light to reopen Monday, with bars, restaurants, and casinos would be eligible to open May 4, as part of the state’s plan to gradually reopen.


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