Today – November 21

Today is full of possibilities. It is never too late to turn the page, clean that slate, or whatever it is you need to do to celebrate the little things in life. The day of November 21 addresses the oxymoron in life. One that it celebrates the life inducing entertainment package – the television. Along with this, the day offers a moment of silence for the people who died suicidal deaths.

November 21 celebrates World Television Day and Survivors of Suicide loss day. Let us know about these events a little more.

World Television Day


What is it that serves to all your whims and fancies and is the single largest video consumption source of its kind? It is nothing other than what is found in almost every household – the television. Television is an automated daydreaming. However, it is also a guilty pleasure to most of its viewers out there. Television can be seen as a responsibility. It not only rules the entertainment sector but also serves as a great medium to teach and enlighten people. It glues you to the screen and trips you into a world of fascination and also imparts the necessary updates around the globe.


The television emerges out as symbolism of communication and globalization. The day was recognized owing to the impact that television had on its viewers. The General Assembly proclaimed November 21 as World Television Day. This was a consequence of the mushrooming popularity that this machine gained over the years. Moreover, it helped transform the decision making of the public and had a great impact on their lives. The pictures in motion created a room for better content and understanding among the public. Also, this influential tool captivated public attention at ease. Consequently, serving a great medium of mass communication.

How to celebrate

This day helps people celebrate how efficaciously television covers a variety of issues that affects the lives of people. Moreover, it recognizes the beneficial purposes of television. The influencers on social media platforms depict how TV has managed to shape our lives. The journalists, bloggers, writers promote and share their views in regards to the role of television. The media of different kinds, inclusive of print media, social media, and broadcast media serve the purpose. This remarkable invention of John Logie Baird has explicitly transformed the lives of its spectators and we address this on the day of November 21.

International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day


When someone dies of suicide, it is the near and dear ones of the dead who suffer the most. International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day occurs every year on the Saturday before thanksgiving. This year November 21 encourages the healing and coming together of the people who suffered a tragic demise of a near and dear one due to suicide. The grief of the trauma imparted to the family and friends can not be put to words. This day is about expressing love and a feeling of togetherness during difficult times. Moreover, it is about creating awareness among the masses. It is to let people know that they are not alone in this.


United States Congress designated this day so that the survivors of the trauma can come together for strength and healing. US Senator, Harry Reid lost his father due to suicide. Consequently, in the year 1922, Reid introduces a resolution to the United States Senate. This resulted in National Survivors of Suicide Day. Every year since then, the foundation of America for Suicide Prevention takes a moment for the grief of the people who lost their near and dear ones in suicidal death.

How to celebrate?

This day is intended as a day of healing and imparting strength to the suicide survivors. It is to make people believe that every cloud has got a silver lining in it. The Saturday before Thanksgiving encourages strength, hope, and support among the people who experienced a tragic loss. The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention raises an ample amount of funding for this day every year. People vent out about their grief and share their experiences which help others to overcome their hardships. There are various campaign programs on the day. Participation is evidently encouraged and documented for reference. There is national observance for International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day with a hope that the survivors and the ones grieving overcome the anguish and create a healthy support system for one another.


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