Day Today- Free Comic Book Day- 2nd May

Sequential art and engaging stories that the Comics portray have the heart of people of all ages. It is not just a new fling for the teenagers, Comics have a long history and date back to further back than we realize. Comics tell us stories of all kinds and provide the utmost important sound effects in written forms like “BOOM” “ZAP” “POW” to pique the imagination of readers and make us go head-over-heels crazy about the characters and storyline. Free comic day is the day when the fantasies of all the Comic book lovers come true. The pen of a comic artist covers stories from almost all the topics, each frame is hand-drawn to give the personal touch by dedicated artists putting their sweat into the work and free comic day allows them to receive appreciation and recognition from even those who can’t afford comics.

History of this day:

This day was established in 2001 by Joe Field, a retailer of Flying Comics in California when a resurgence in the rise of comic book sales was observed and the first time it was held was on the opening of the Spider-Man film in 2002. On this day, participating retailers give away free comic books and some with specially autographed by creators for fans and iconic publishers- Marvel Comics, DC Comics, and Dark Horse Comics- together make free comics available to the fans.

What we can do today:

  • Read the Comic books you have.
  • Read Comics online.
  • Watch movies based on these comics like Avengers etc.
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