Benefits of Internship

Before knowing the benefits of an internship, one should know what in real terms “internship” is!

Let’s get a brief about it.

Internship is an opportunity provided by the employers to the deserving candidates, called interns. The tenure of an internship is probably somewhere between 1 month to 6 months.

The intern is required to work for the firm either from office or remotely, for a fixed period of time.

Internships are generally provided to the graduates or undergraduates who are seeking to learn and absorb practically.

Discussing about the variant types of internships, they can be branched in the following :

  1. On the basis of the internship work area allotted:
  • In-Office – the intern is instructed to work in the office of their respective company.
  • Work From Home – the intern is instructed to work remotely from their home.


  1. On the basis of pay:
  • Paid internships – Most of the internships are paid, i.e. an amount is paid to the intern with respect for the work and time he devoted towards the company. This amount is known as a stipend.
  • Unpaid internships – on the contrary, some internships are unpaid, which in return may provide certificates, letters of recommendation, gifts, and goodies to the interns.


  1. On the basis of the working period:

The working period of internships vary from company to company. However, mostly it is short term and ranges between 1 to 6 months.

Do you know what actually interns do?

Here’s a sneak peek to this question. Have a look!

What do interns do?

Majorly the interns hired work on the junior role, as the main motive of an internship is to provide training. The specific duties of an internship will vary considerably depending on your employer, the industry, and the type of internship.some interns are given greater responsibilities and can end up becoming a key member of the team, making significant contributions to the company. This will surely depend on your hard work and devotion towards your work and how you turn this opportunity into a boon.

How can you find the best suitable internship for you?

Firstly, determine what you need. you may be interested in exploring a variety of different internships that can help you determine your major or ultimate career path. There are thousands of websites that students can use to find internships. What you need to do is choose wisely, and choose the best for you keeping in mind your interests, needs, what are you going to learn, and other different parameters.

 Now coming to the benefits and importance of an internship, it can be conveyed in the way that not only the interns but also the companies offering internships are benefitted from it.

Reasons why companies offer internships:

There are various reasons why companies offer internships, it can be briefed in two categories – Long term benefits and short term benefits.

  • Short Term Benefits

Internships provide companies with short time labor which will help them accomplish their task. Eventually, it will also be economically fruitful, as hiring a new full-time employee’s salary is far more than an intern’s stipend.

  • Long Term Benefits

Employers often use internships as an effective way of advertising their graduate schemes to students. Almost half of all graduate employers hire at least 20% of their ex-interns for training schemes.

Now turning the point towards the interns, here is a view of what advantage they will undergo!! 

Key Advantages to the interns:

There are numerous profits of an intern with his internship. Mentioning some below:

  • Gain Experience:

Developing knowledge, skills, and gaining experience in the required field is the first and foremost benefit of an internship to an intern. The count of what practical knowledge provides you is incompatible

Secondly, you get a higher chance of being selected in your desired job, as most of the jobs prefer pre-experienced candidates, and by doing an internship in the respective field, you will be amongst the preferable ones!.

  • Explore a career path

Students enter graduation with loads of dreams in a specific field, and end up changing their minds. Probably this is because they could not get the path, skills required and the correct guidance to perceive it. When you prefer an internship in the duration of your graduation, it will help you refine your skills as well know what is better for you and not. Also, it helps you explore your desired career paths.

  • Know your strengths and weaknesses

Internship will allow you to explore, learn and know what your actual interests, weaknesses, and strengths are! This will help you to further choose your career path and know what you need to do in order to achieve your goal.

  • Create a network with professionals and people with the same desires and dreams

Internships are more than just about earning credit, getting a grade, or making money; internships provide an opportunity to learn from the people around you, ask questions, and impress. The professionals you encounter during an internship can be your future colleagues or the connection to your first job.

  • Gain confidence and turn it into a job

The best thing about an internship is it will make you gain confidence. Know what you actually are and how capable you are! Also, it provides the opportunity to turn the internship into a job, as companies prefer to offer jobs to some deserving candidates or they can also provide an offer once there is a vacancy in the company.

We at BragSocial believe in providing the best platform for the students to grow, explore, learn, and adapt.

Here is a glimpse of what our refined interns say about us:

I’ve greatly benefited from this internship and I have found the perfect platform to showcase my skills. It’s a place where my talents are appreciated and I have enjoyed my time at Brag Social so far.

Siddharth Jena, Illustrator

I’ve learned photography, graphic design, and video content creation to reach a wider audience. I learn something new every day.

Pratiksha Sharma, Social Media Managaer

Some of our content writers…

This internship is one of the best internships across all the portals because it has given me the chance to adapt and learn and apply the knowledge all at one platform. Best is the flexible work hours and comforting team members!

Neha Sharma

With this internship, I improved my vocabulary skills and writing skills as well. I have also improved the usage of words. This internship has helped me in building confidence to express myself in front of a crowd.

Amber Shah

The internship has been the best way to learn. From managing time to learning professionalism and work ethics, it proves to do teaches faster than just reading.


So here, we end up, concluding that an internship, when you want to explore, learn, grab knowledge, and grow, is the best thing to opt for.

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