August 31- War of First Coalition and more…

History of 31 August

Everyday creates history. We at BragSocial come forward to provide you with the information fo what each day is marked for. Let us have a look at the

Everyday creates history. We at BragSocial come forward to provide you with the information fo what each day is marked for. Let us have a look at the milestones of August 31.

1314- Norway’s capital shifted from Bergen to Oslo

Bergen gradually took over the role of capital throughout the early years of the 13th-century. Bergenhus fortress was built at the entrance to the harbor and still stands today primarily as a tourist attraction. When King Haakon V (1299-1319) came to power, he began to move the functions of the capital city to Oslo.


1795- War of the First Coalition

The Coalition Wars (French: Guerres de Coalitions, German: Koalitionskriege, Dutch: Coalitieoorlogen, etc.) were a series of seven wars waged by various military alliances, known as the Coalitions, between great European powers against Revolutionary France, and from 1799 onwards First Consul and later Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, between 1792 and 1815


1842- Congress act authorized US Naval observatory

On this day in 1844, Congress authorized the establishment of the U.S. Naval Observatory. Then located on a hill north of where the Lincoln Memorial now stands, the observatory, one of the oldest scientific agencies in the United States, expanded the mission assigned to the Navy’s depot of charts and instruments, formed in 1830 to care for its chronometers, charts and other navigational equipment


1907 – Anglo-Russian Convention treaty signed between the UK and Russia

Anglo-Russian Entente, (1907) pact in which Britain and Russia settled their colonial disputes in Persia, Afghanistan, and Tibet. It delineated spheres of influence in Persia, stipulated that neither country would interfere in Tibet’s internal affairs, and recognized Britain’s influence over Afghanistan


1957- Malaya Independence

The independent Federation of Malaya came into being on August 31st, 1957. After the war, in 1948, a Federation of Malaya was created under British protection, but British and Commonwealth troops had to put down a Communist insurrection, which lasted into the early 1950s.

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