5 Ways to take Best Solo Travel Photo shoots

5 Ways to take Best Solo Travel Photo Shoots


When it comes to solo travel photo shoots, your mobile and tripod are your BEST FRIEND. These act as an extra set of arms to be hands-free and have the freedom to do whatever the heck you want in your photos. Also, these keep your shot super steady, which means a crisper image.


Here are some ways the best solo travel photoshoots to enjoy your trip.


  • A tripod and a timer mode


Although not the most effective option is setting up your tripod, mounting the camera in the position you want it, and letting it run on a timer is a great option to take photos of yours if you’re starting.


  • Most cameras will have self-timer modes and, if you’re in the market for a camera, check the timer modes’ capabilities on the camera first.


  • A big tip is to read your camera manual thoroughly or experiment with the timer modes available before you set out on your travels or go shooting.


  • You don’t want to turn up at your location all set to go and then struggle with the setting up the timer.


  • The best way is to set your camera up on a constant shooting mode.


  • Then the camera will continuously keep taking photos for you. This means you don’t have running back and forth to start the timer each time.


  • For example, you set up your camera to take a photo for every one or two seconds. That way, you can change positions each time without worry!


  • Another best way is to buy an isolated shutter that works with your camera. But, this could prove expensive.


  • When choosing the right tripod, the best tip is to try to get one that can hold your camera in portrait mode – perfect for 8×10 editing for Instagram.


  • Don’t Be Afraid to Ask For Help!


Solo travel photography doesn’t mean that you do it alone. You’ll be surprised to find just how willing people are to help you out. It’s a common theme when traveling solo! I typically try to find someone with a mirrorless camera around their neck, which tells me that they most likely know how to use it.


A key factor is a communication when asking someone else to take your photo, and you don’t be afraid to tell them exactly how you want the image to look. Make sure settings are correct, the zoom isn’t on; then you should show them whether you like it portrait or landscape.


  • Meet People And Make new Friends


Solo travel doesn’t necessarily mean being alone. When you make friends, you can easily take photos of each other and ask them to capture some images while you hang out. You can meet people on day trips, in restaurants, in parks, shopping malls, hostels, and many other places that you’d never expect.


  • Take Advantage of Self-Timer


This method requires a little effort than using a remote shutter, but think it’s the best way to take photos! Almost every camera out there has self-timer capabilities, meaning you can change the drive mode from single-shot to self-timer.


There should be an option for self-timer continuous, which will give you up to 10 seconds to get in the frame of your shot and then take 3-5+ rapid-fire images in a row. This setting is THE BEST for jumping pictures for any photos with movement.


The only downside to self-timer is that you will likely be running back and forth between the camera and the frame of your shot, but hey, who doesn’t need a little extra exercise anyways!


  • Use apps on a selfie stick:


There are a lot of apps available in-camera to use for adventure travel. These have a few features that are great for solo travel photography like the GoPro App and burst mode.


These Apps connects to your phone via Bluetooth and allows you to set up your shot without actually looking at the camera screen – it shows you what the picture will look like right on your phone screen! This makes it perfect for those “back of the head” shots we love so much on social media Instagram.


Burst mode is a setting on your apps that allows you to shoot hands free (kind of like self-timer but with more control over how many photos and how often they will take). This mode is best for capturing the action on shots such as cliff jumping, though for that, we would put the settings at 10/1 so that you won’t miss anything while jumping!


Choose your option, which is suitable for you, and make your trip memorable with solo pictures on your solo travel.


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