13 reasons Why We Should Not Use Public Transport Amid COVID-19

The ongoing pandemic caused by COVID-19 has covered the center stage all across the globe. Due to the constraints imposed to contain the spread of coronavirus, there was a complete shutdown of public transport due to the following reasons:


  1. Crowded places 

According to health experts, social distancing is an imperative measure to be followed to hold the spread of the pandemic. Public transportation modes compel people to come in close contact that may upsurge the threat. According to a study by Washington D.C., merely three infected persons can undesirably affect over 55% of the total passengers.


  1. Transmission through cash exchange

Exchanging cash to purchase a token for traveling through public transport can be a cause of spread. While exchanging coins, cards, or notes, there remain the probabilities of contracting an infected person. But this transmission can be avoided through contactless payment via various digital modes.


  1. Infection can spread via touching surface 

There are more likelihoods of transmission while touching hand railings, push buttons on lifts, grab rails on the seatbacks, stanchion poles, etc., as infected asymptomatic people can release infected droplets on such surfaces.


  1. Improper sanitization

There is no provision of continuous sanitization of doors, seats, railings, etc. which may obstruct the measures to contain the pandemic.


  1. Spread due to centralized A.C.s 

Due to the installation of centralized air conditioners in buses and metros, passengers can inhale the infected air. If a single person discharges particles that are infected, then these indoor A.C.s may blowout the infection all around.


  1. Improper ventilation

Sometimes ventilation conditions are not appropriate due to lack of infrastructure. For instance, a lack of oxygen in swarming buses can cause breathlessness and unconsciousness that may affect an individual’s health and immunity.


  1. Unhygienic conditions

The lack of proper hygienic toilets can breed the virus immensely. As the sanitation is an imperative step that needed to be taken into consideration to stop the infection, people should avoid such unhygienic and crowded places.


  1. Harmful to vulnerable people

People already suffering from respiratory diseases can be more prone to COVID-19 infections. Apart from this, children and old aged people are more vulnerable to the disease. Some particular age groups, such as children under the age of 11, are exempted to wear masks in the U.K. that can deteriorate the conditions.


  1. Social impacts

Behavioral habits of people from diverse regions can impact the co-passengers. Sometimes negative thoughts may take control over one’s positivity and people can lose their strength to fight the pandemic.


  1. Economic impacts

Coronavirus has impacted the income of people adversely. Some people believe that public fare is too high and avoid traveling through public transit. Hence, it is better to avoid traveling unnecessarily to save money and life.


  1. Breeding at water collecting points

Water dispensing points in public transit, bus stops, metro stations, etc., can be a cause of spread as the spilled water can breed infectious diseases on the surface.


  1. Hotspots at eatable stores

The stores where people purchase eatables for transit can become a hotspot as several people contact directly with the sellers. If an infected person exchanges cash or products, there will be no delay in spreading the infection all across.


  1. People’s behavior

Some passengers possess unhygienic behavior such as uncovering mouths while sneezing, lacking habits of frequent hand-washing, and so on. People should avoid coming into contact with such people.


Switching from public transport to own vehicles may lead to congested roads, harmful emissions and polluted environment, but the health safety in cars during the coronavirus pandemic cannot be ignored. Therefore it is better to avoid unnecessary travel and staying home is of paramount importance to protect yourself from a deadly virus.

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